Created by Italian Chefs for Outdoor Enthusiasts

OUTFOOD is the true essence of Italy in the world of ready-to-eat meals, catering to both outdoor enthusiasts and seasoned experts.

Explore our range including breakfasts, pasta, cuscus, soups and main courses and find your favorite recipes!

What makes OUTFOOD the perfect choice?

  • Authentic Italian meals

    OUTFOOD are the first outdoor meals made in Italy with super premium ingredients and gourmet recipes

  • 100% natural, NO GMO, plant based

    Our recipes are made with premium ingredients and certified, 100% natural, NO-GMO, additives, chemical flavorings, preservatives, palm oil or added glutamate.

  • Easy to prepare

    OUTFOOD meals are made with dry and freeze-dried ingredients so all you need to do is add hot water. They'll be ready in a few minutes, preparation time may vary depending on altitude and external temperature.

  • Certification

    Our meals passed the IFS HIGHER GRADE certification. IFS is a globally recognized food certification that requires high-quality standards.

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Choose the perfect meal

Balanced Recipes for Every Need – From Hiking to Caving, From Trekking to Camping, From Campering to Fishing or Boating. Choose the One That Suits You Best.



Ideal for all those challenging situations when quick and easy preparation with no tools are the base but, at the same time, a quality comfort-food can really make the difference in recovering physical and mental energy. The generously sized stand-up package enables you to conveniently enjoy a nourishing meal straight from the same container in which it was cooked, ensuring your equipment remains clean and mess-free.

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A wide range of 3-easy-step meals available in single-dose and multi-dose packaging. Preparing an authentic, natural and tasty Italian meal in the middle of nowhere is now a breeze. All you need is: a fire, a saucepan, some water. OUTFOOD BASE CAMP meals are perfect for boating, camping, hiking, extreme cycling, safety kit and more.


Frequently Asked Questions



Dehydration and freeze-drying are preservation processes that remove the water content from an ingredient. Dehydration involves using hot air to remove moisture, while freeze-drying uses a sublimation process. In freeze-drying, the food is first frozen and then subjected to a vacuum to eliminate its moisture. Through both of these processes, the water content in food is reduced from a maximum of 90% to as low as 5-10%, allowing for the preservation of freshness and the retention of the nutritional properties of the food without the need for adding salt or chemical preservatives.In OUTFOOD meals we use both dry or freeze-dry ingredients.

Authentic Italian meals

OUTFOOD is the pioneering brand of dry food and ready-to-eat meals designed for outdoor enthusiasts, proudly crafted in Italy and featuring gourmet recipes. With OUTFOOD, you can savor an authentic Italian dining experience no matter where you find yourself or whatever conditions you're in. These meals are perfect companions for your camping trips, RV journeys, boating excursions, and any other adventurous escapades.

Are OUTFOOD meals plant-based?

A significant portion of OUTFOOD's recipes is free from any animal-derived ingredients. However, this plant-based choice doesn't compromise the delicious taste or nutritional value. The inclusion of plant-based proteins not only enhances digestibility but also provides a great protein intake.

What's a balanced meal?

OUTFOOD meals are created with high-quality standards, using only natural ingredients to ensure optimal nutritional value combined with easy digestion. Our meals contain both complex carbohydrates that are digested and absorbed gradually by the body, providing sustained energy, as well as a high protein content to support more intense workout sessions.


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