For extreme situations

here you will find OUTFOOD meals specifically created for the most extreme situations where speed and simplicity of preparation are fundamental but quality comfort food can make the difference in recovering physical and mental energy.

The packaging

Perfect travel companion

Our packaging is thoughtfully designed to enable you to relish a gourmet meal no matter where you find yourself.

> Impact resistant
> Water repellent
> Hermetic
> Flexible

Compact size: 21cm (H) x 19cm (W).

thickness and weight may vary based on the contents.

Easy to prepare

The wide stand-up format of our compact packaging serves a dual purpose, allowing you to both prepare and enjoy your meal. Simply follow the instructions on the pouch to make the most of it.

  • Open the pouch

  • Add boiling water

  • Stir well

  • Close and let rest

  • Open and enjoy