"Our company is not a simple family business but a passion handed down from father to son, the passion for making Italian food more delicious"

Nicola Tiberino - 1906

"History is a great present,never only a noble past"


Our company is the natural continuation of the journey, along 4 generations, of the Tiberino family.

It all began towards the end of 1800, when the founder Nicola Tiberino, started his business in a small shop in via Vallisa in the historic center of Bari.
After a few years the sons Raffaele and Tommaso joined their father and the business soon turned into the historical wholesale of groceries and then, in the early '20s, of various kinds. In the early post-war years Raffaele’s son entered the company, Nicola, who widens the scope to the whole of Europe, rapidly transforming the company into an import-export of food specialties. In 1999, with the entry into the family business of Nicola’s son, who according to tradition bears the name of his grandfather Raffaele, the activity combines the selection of typical products with the production of its own line of high quality dehydrated pasta dishes: the Primi Tiberino.

"If you want a happy life, dedicate it to a goal"


Our goal has always been to make known the best of Italian cuisine and flavors, making us ambassadors of taste and Italian, spreading around the world the goodness of Italian food and culture, the good, the real.
In pursuit of our goal we have the honor of having brought the good name of Italian cuisine even among the stars, preparing, from 2007, the meals of astronauts of joint international missions between NASA, ESA and ASI.